Amber Sky

MPP General & Dry Cargo

Flag/Port of RegistryPortugal/Madeira
Call SignCQEH8
IMO N°.9312688
Year of BuiltMar-05
Classification SocietyRina
Building ShipyardRoyal Niestern Sander
Class N°. / Yard-N°.97042 / 822
Length over all106.10 m
LBPP98.99 m
Breadth moulded14.40m
Depth moulded8,10m
Depth to upper deck8,10m
Design draught 6,14m
Total Deadweight DWAT5750
Hatch Cover TypePontoon 12 with Gantry Cr.
Max. Hatch Top Loading1.6 mts/m2
Max. tank top loading15.00mts/m2
Hold capacityGrain & Bale
N°. 1 hold w/o Bulkhead m33736
N°. 1 hold w/o Bulkhead cbft131,920
N°. 2 hold w/o Bulkhead m33911
N°. 2 hold w/o Bulkhead cbft138,129
Dimensions N°. 1 hold
Length 37.59
Width 11,70m
Height 8,98m
Containers TEU/FEU 136/60 Hold 104/52 Deck
Stackloads mt's 20'/40' 72/24 Hold 91/24 Deck
Height keel to top mast 30.04m
Air draft in Ballast approx. 25.74m
Bow Thruster350kW
Main EngineMAK 9M25
Speed/Consumption abt 10.5Knts abt 6,50Mts
Aux engine (MGO DMA)abt 0,5 mt (in port / idle)
Hull Mach General cargo ship MPP-heavycargo (No1 and 2 cargo hold, 150KN/m2) equipped for the carriage of containers, unrestricted navigation °1-' AUT-UMS , ICE CLASS IA
2 moveable grain bulk heads; fitted for carrying dangerous goods (to be specified as per COC for dangerous goods) CO2 Fire Extinguisher System
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